Dowry Harassment

What is Dowry Harassment?

To know about dowry harassment one should understand what dowry is, its genesis and ill effects.

What is Dowry?

Any Demand put forward as a pre-condition for marriage is Dowry. Everyone must abhor and oppose such demand put forward as a pre-condition for marriage.

What is Not Dowry?

Voluntary and proportionate property given by parents to and for their children – newly wed couples is not Dowry.

What is Genesis of Dowry?

  • In India, this dowry system has prevailed among each and every society and affected many people.
  • In the olden days, when Princesses of a dynasty got married, the King offered, out of overwhelming joy, a part of his wealth and his State to his Sons-in-Law in a grand wedding function. The Ministers also followed this regal practice as a protocol. The public in general, irrespective of rich and poor, followed this showy practice to keep up 'prestige' and felt great at par with the still rich society. However, this dubious matrimonial tradition swept into the homes of the poor and downtrodden people to muster a false respect. By then started a guilty conscious feeling of giving birth to and fostering a girl child.

Effects of Dowry.

  1. The aforesaid skirmishes within the family engulf every member and take shapes to different dimensions, such as division of families, separation of couples, divorce, endless enmity, court cases, loss of happiness, and personal feud.
  2. One could see the women acting like enemies of women in almost all the families while they start the talk of marriage. The boy's mother often makes the entire family silent by one sweep of her tongue in bargaining for the money and gold ornaments she would prefer her daughter-in-law to bring in and deposit with her.
  3. A few mothers argue that they too brought such things when they got married and a few rearrange the in-laws' ornaments into a give-away dowry for their own daughters, thus inviting trouble and unwanted remarks from the daughter-in-law and her family.
  4. Ponder over the plights of the parents who cannot afford to pay hefty dowry on Wedding demanded from them disproportionately, by the Groom's family or by the Groom himself. Due to the Dowry system the marriage becomes the burden.
  5. The Demand of Dowry creates hatred towards female child and misguide the parents to kill the female newborns, instigate forcible abortions, develops cracks in the unity of the family, spoils good relationship between couples, ends in enmity, causes gas stoves to blow up, and brings death to the young brides.

What Can you Do as a Parent to stop this evil practice of Dowry?

  1. Any family, which goes to get their boy married, must understand that begging Dowry is not an issue of prestige in the society but a curse to them and a sin committed by them. This would definitely lower the status of the boy and his family.
  2. The relatives and in-laws must stop passing awkward and degrading comments taking a moral responsibility to appreciate and adjust with any shortfalls resulting due to an expensive and delicate new relationship. Then only this devilish Dowry demanding practice will be curbed or routed out and many unmarried will have their lives simplified and scorn-free from the in-laws.
  3. All responsible parents must urge to discarding such an evil practice and making humble efforts towards the Noble Cause of getting their children wedded to live and lead a happy-married-life, with peace of mind.