In Online Job / Services Fraud, Emails are sent to different persons offering work abroad as Accountants, Stewards, Chefs, Waiters etc in popular hotels, and mobile number are given to contact. News paper advertisements are also given with such similar offers. If people fall prey, they are asked to deposit amounts towards processing charges into bogus bank accounts.

Similarly emails are sent on the names of popular clubs and resorts, airlines and other leisure businesses, offering friendship from them with ‘high profile’ women/escorts. To get such a service, gullible people are induced to become members by paying membership fee ranging from Rs.2000/- to Rs.25,000/-. Thus the victims are tempted to deposit membership amount into bogus Bank accounts.

Tips to avoid Online Job/Services Fraud:

  • You should not believe job/service offers made by strangers online whose credentials cannot be verified.
  • If only the mobile contact is given without any office address in job/service offers, such offers should be suspected.