Online Lottery Frauds

What is Online Lottery Fraud / Nigerian Fraud/419 Scam / Advance Fee Scam

Online Lottery Fraud is a fraud wherein the fraudsters send false, unsolicited e-mails to innumerous e-mail Ids mentioning false things that they have won lottery, prize etc, and if the gullible people fall prey to such e-mails, amounts are squeezed from them on different pretexts like paying Advance Fee, obtaining No Objection Letters etc.

Important warning signs of a 419 Nigerian Advanced Fee Fraud Scam email

  1. A promise to share or transfer millions of dollars to you for your help or participation. (Out of billions people in the world you were singled out as this fortunate person, lucky you…!).
  2. The e-mail or correspondence is marked "urgent," "top secret" or "highly confidential" and demands you to act immediately.
  3. The sender claims to be an exiled Dignitary, Cabinet Member, General, CEO, CFO, lawyer, doctor or the heir of some other important person or top official to gain your confidence. (The Grifter usually uses a Hotmail, Yahoo, Netscape or other such free and anonymous e-mail service to send you the message).
  4. The proposal has a seemingly unlikely situation, i.e. overpaid millions on a contract, royal money or assets frozen by a foreign government, an inheritance, or money, gold or diamonds that need to immediately be transferred or be lost forever.
  5. Claims to have smuggled the funds, jewels or precious metals out of their native country in a "diplomatic package" or "consignment" unbeknownst to their unstable or corrupt government.
  6. Seeks an "honest foreign partner" to help with them with their crisis situation. (As if none exist or can be found in their own country).
  7. Requests personal information from you, i.e. your full name, bank account information and routing numbers, home or business telephone and facsimile numbers, or a copy of your letterhead.

Tips to Avoid 419 Advance Fee Fraud

The best tip is to DELETE any mail from a stranger which resembles the mails that are described above.