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Economic Offences

Economic Offence  

Economic Offence involves

  • Financial frauds (Intentional Cheating involving financial transactions)
  • Misappropriation (Intentional & illegal use of the property or funds of another person for one's own use or other unauthorized purpose, particularly by a public official, a trustee of a trust)
  • Counterfeit currency cases (duplicate currency produced without the legal sanction the state or government)
  • Banking frauds(Use of illegal means to obtain money or other property owned or held by a financial institution or to obtain money from depositors by fraudulently posing as a bank or other financial institution)
  • Multilevel marketing fraud (Schemes where the promoters and Initial investors earn quick money by sale of products and services and the other enrolled members suffers heavy losses )

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General Offences

General Offence  

General Offence involves

  • Heinous offence against the body of a person(Murder, Rape etc)
  • Arson( Fire accident)
  • Serious Riotings

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Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crime  

Cyber Crime involves

  • Online lottery Fraud (an attempt to cheat people that they had won high lottery amounts and then asking them to pay processing fees so that the winnings can be distributed)
  • Credit/Debit Fraud (Theft committed using a credit card or debit card without paying, or to obtain illegal funds from an account.)
  • Online Job Fraud(An attempt to cheat people who are seeking employment by them a false hope of higher wages through electronic means)
  • Cyber stalking(Use of the Internet or other electronic means to harass an individual or organization)
  • Phishing (An attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames,passwords.,etc by acting as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication)

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Women Protection Cell

Women/Child Protection Cases(WPC)    

Crime against Women involves Dowry Harassment, Domestic Violence, Rape, Sexual Harassment, etc.

Crime against child involves Child abuse, Child pornography, Child Kidnapping, Child labour, etc.

Women Protection Cell will take up investigation of only speciliazed cases entrusted by the Government, Honorable Court, DGP or Addl.DGP, CID. How ever, WPC will direct the petitioner to the concerned Unit Officer for taking appropriate action.

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Protection of Civil Rights

Offences dealt by Protection Of Civil Rights Wing(PCR) 


  PCR Wing deals with effective implementation of the Protection of civil Rights(PCR) Act, 1955 and Scheduled Castes(SC) and Scheduled Tribes(ST) (Prevention Of Atrocities) Act 1989.

PCR will direct the petitioner to the concerned Unit Officer for taking appropriate action.

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